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  1. Just adding to the DSM sites..
  2. WOOHOO!!!!.....im a MOD!!!.....
  3. My next door neighbor is a ricer
  4. What's up with all the DSM's being sold?
  5. Johnny...
  6. abs
  8. Updates on the Laser
  9. and shes done
  10. DSM Backup Manual CD
  11. wtf
  13. I'm having some doubts...
  14. Lowered Eclipse + CAI = blown motor
  15. I R teh only N/T on here?
  16. Howdy
  17. Got my datalogger
  18. DSMlink help
  19. whats up
  20. Q ?
  21. What is considered a DSM?
  22. What is your goal ET for your dsm?
  23. how many dsm's have you/ do you own?
  24. 2 Thumbs Up
  25. fastest youve ever been in your dsm
  26. How much can I get for this?
  27. Woooohooooooo!!!
  28. emssions inspection?
  29. Whats the longest your dsm has been out of commission?
  30. EPROM???
  31. Does anyone else just find this DSM sexy?
  32. The Engine Oil Bible
  33. Tuning Via EGT vs Wide Band/Narrow Band Meters
  34. ABS....NON-ABS
  35. Switchable xfer case.
  36. where are all the DSM's at?!?!
  37. Almost got owned
  38. What possses someone to do this?
  40. Fuel Tech
  41. Launching.
  42. Most pain you have had installing/taking out with your dsm?
  43. Damn i miss it...
  44. hello im new and asking first Question
  45. tick
  46. How long have you owned your dsm?
  47. Might be getting a dsm
  48. diamond star specialties
  49. This is teh suckage.
  50. General DSM Talk Rules
  51. can it be done??
  52. UPdate on ym cars status.
  53. Timing belt covers
  54. i think im too hard on my car----
  55. crank walk
  56. So...is it possible...
  57. 2g shift knob into 1g
  58. this is exactly what I want my dsm to look like
  59. What is your dream dsm?
  60. cleaning up the engine bay
  61. Need GOOD welder for my proposed exhaust setup
  62. 93-94 dsm
  63. Selling in a couple months... how much is my car worth?
  64. what will make me the cash faster???
  65. how much is a awd tranny worth?
  66. hey guys, I need an honest opinion
  67. This my be one of my next mods...
  68. happy with it
  69. post ur I/C size
  70. JDM or not
  71. mighty max
  72. wheel pattern
  73. You know you're a DSMer...
  74. whats going on over at DSA?
  75. interchangeable starters?
  76. will these wheels fit my 1g?
  77. Finally got fed up with (T) A.R.D.
  78. Sheperd no longer the fastest?
  79. How did you find your dsm?
  80. # of dsms owned
  81. I miss my eclipse.
  82. Prostreetonline.com says they have the first awd spyder....
  83. post your mod list
  84. this is one CLEAN engine bay
  86. maft setup
  87. How many miles do you have on your dsm?
  88. She runs!!!
  89. mitsubishi ecu or a ford ecu????
  90. HAve you seen this crankwalk article B4?
  91. questions about a swap
  92. I think I'm back from the "DARK SIDE" lol
  93. New Gst, New member!
  94. Boost amount
  95. Cold Feet!
  96. transmission
  97. 2g AWD AT to MT
  98. Fist time buyers Guide?
  99. ported and clipped?
  100. Thought that some of you could use a laugh....
  101. rates on Tsi
  102. Good Bye Spyder
  103. just wrecked the talon and I think it's done for.
  104. What makes someone a "good" dsmer?
  105. what do you guys think?
  106. Miss your dsm?
  107. ? for the FWD guys...
  108. who's dsm?
  109. Have you guys ever seen....
  110. What's the worst you've been screwed over?
  111. was surprised to see this
  112. Does your car have a name?
  113. I'm back sucka
  114. so i got a 6 bolt
  115. Pic of a Smic installed...
  116. 1g big rods?
  117. Taco Cabana
  119. ECU Question
  120. 1g or 2g awd?
  121. 2g afpr into a 1g
  122. what are crank vents?
  123. turbo mani ?
  124. bought a rewire kit
  125. Pick A Part
  126. Car needs some head work.
  127. Saving for my first DSM???!!!
  128. Thinking about buying a DSM?
  129. Looks like the trader is getting safer
  130. eli; Fastest DSM in Houston?
  131. Honda-tech.com on their knees for DSM's (Shepards at least)
  132. finally I have a car with some balls.
  133. I guess you can never count a dsm down and out.
  134. head gasket
  135. DSMs in general
  136. so i just found out an interesting fact about the galant
  137. Brake booster leak
  138. shift lights
  139. 1g vs 2g
  140. what cars come with a big16g
  141. evo 16g rebuild
  142. Back in the day when i was smart...
  143. Big Thanks To Nick (Vegas)!!!
  144. Queen for a day
  145. done and DONE
  146. Im a noob, need noob help with DSM'S
  147. You know you're a DSMer if...
  148. should I trade?
  149. Lenin, which gasket?
  150. safc2 instruction manual
  151. lol look.
  152. I will have a DSM by the NEW YEAR!!
  153. rim shit
  154. to get..or not to get..that is the question?
  155. convert fwd to awd
  156. im coming to houston
  157. Head for a 95 TSI
  158. She Runs....
  159. Whats the main cause of crank walk?
  160. 4g63T Spyder is Alive
  161. Clutch System Help
  162. 2G 4G63T Brain surgery
  163. any 1 live close to killeen
  164. Got my car dyno'd
  165. help
  166. What is stock compression per cylinder supposed to be?
  167. Looking at a motor..
  168. throttle body
  169. Interesting read on 4 stroke engines.
  170. need help garage programer
  171. Tuning question
  172. 4g63T Swap
  173. awd tranny question
  174. should I get my 4th dsm or not.
  175. Anyone know Intake size
  176. motor break-in
  177. stock rods
  178. td05h
  179. Woohoo! I got a 91 TSi
  180. Stock Mount Intercooler???
  181. FWD and AWD lovers...
  182. does anybody know?
  183. got the car back
  184. H-town and FIST I hardly knew ya
  185. First Log
  186. htown-dsm ...whats up
  187. What is the name of your car?
  188. What are the ingredients?
  189. timing belt cover
  190. down pipe dump
  191. Water pump, timing belt, intercooler piping.. etc... help
  192. trying to loss pounds
  193. I think I'll show off a lil bit....
  194. Currently working on a little sumtin sumtin
  195. Non-running DSM crowd
  196. Stuped ?
  197. Kind person with a leak tester needed!!
  198. Have you guys heard of this? Tchargers and Slowboy lawsuit
  199. wideband o2 sensor
  200. It is DONE!
  201. driver side fan
  202. Walbro 225 Fuel Pump ????
  203. Found a new intake manifold.....
  204. Summer/ Winter Oils ???
  205. thunder bolt motors...????
  206. new motor brake in time??
  207. Ebay is getting hostile
  208. Opinion on methods of tuning
  209. Who all has 2g convertibles in here??
  210. what tranny do i need
  211. set back
  212. Which do you own T/E/L?
  213. is this possible? would it work?
  214. how to tell turbo piston vs non turbo
  215. Found another intake manifold
  216. How much is this worth?
  217. Td05-16g6
  218. ordered the sbr intercooler have a few q's...
  219. sbr lsd blocks
  220. auto to manual conv.?
  221. rims on a 2g
  222. Trans is locked up
  223. 7 bolt at magnus ?
  224. Cheap Fmic?
  225. vteck dsm???
  226. stock boost level ????
  227. Blown intake manifold (Andy's gonna love this..)
  228. Cars For Pics
  229. 1g head vs. 2g head
  230. Need advice before i hit the dyno..
  231. Where can I weld the flapper on my internally gated turbo?
  232. What you guys think about buying a used clutch?
  233. what is this worth?
  234. Local ACT Clutch Dealer ?
  235. Club rate at kingwood dyno.com
  236. Camo paintjob!!!!
  237. would u trade greddy type r for greddy type s and 50 bux?
  238. Turbo question...
  239. things about ownin dsm
  240. project 92 eagle talon
  241. my motors toast
  242. Who Rebuilds Throttle Bodys?
  243. wats (what's) wrong wit (with) this turbo
  244. Seafoam!! I hope it works.
  245. DSM-friendly wrecking yards?
  246. DAMN EVO's!!!
  247. SRT-4 turbos...
  248. Looking for a shop to weld down pipe
  249. looking for a body shop
  250. Anyone free this weekend?