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  4. Canon D400 (aka Digital Rebel XTi)
  5. Crashed at 3AM
  6. Photoshoot of a couple
  7. Brief lesson in aperture
  8. My new Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens + samples
  9. This is just straight mean
  10. Building on Westheimer
  11. HID Lighting
  12. WTF is wite balenze?
  13. Astros vs. Cardinals 6/3/2007
  14. My new gear is in!!
  15. Video Camera talk here!!!
  16. My new 50mm f/1.8 prime lens
  17. Fish Face...
  18. My Sigma Zoom Telephoto 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO DG Macro.
  19. Kodak's New Sensor May Eliminate Flash
  20. Crazy eyes
  21. Bling's engagement portraits
  22. Craig Biggio Hits 3000
  23. Detailed car with new accesories
  24. Indoor lighting questions?
  25. D'Artagnan
  26. i takez pictars...no, really, i do lol
  27. The magic of post-processing touch-up
  28. So pretty...
  29. For the the guys that take piczors
  30. Nikon Camera Shops
  31. Cool Photography Forum... NEW!!!
  32. my first pic with the XTi
  33. my first action shot... critique plz
  34. Reflections and DOF
  35. Post processing
  36. 70 Horror, Blood and Gore Photoshop Effects and Brushes
  37. Abandoned cars and night photography
  38. Sick road even sicker pic
  39. a small unplanned photoshoot
  40. Did I over saturate the greens in this one?
  41. a few pics from Las Vegas
  42. Pix from a video shoot
  43. w00t w00t...I got gripped today
  44. Check out my new camera gear!!!
  45. Screwin around at work
  46. Screwin around at work pt 2
  47. I too screwed around at work today
  48. my lastest creation
  49. Help me out
  50. Pics from Europe
  51. Houston Texans Training Camp PICS
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  53. Who needs a stinkin DSLR?
  54. F' yo' DSLR Fool!!!!
  55. Monster Jam 2009 Pictures
  56. Justin's Old Car.
  57. F*CK YO SLR V. Zoo
  58. 1,474 megapixel Pic of the Inauguration
  59. More F*ck yo' DSLr-ver. My video camera 1440x1080
  60. Went to Crockett took some photo's
  61. Took some pics of the tC, Critique away.
  62. I-Spy Camaro SS v. Fuck Yo Mustang/Challenger
  63. Howdy from Yellowstone National Park
  64. A stray showed up at my apt.
  65. My art page
  66. First shots from my DSLR
  67. Epic Friday in my Hometown
  68. Nikon vs. Canon
  69. a few random shots with my new T1i
  70. first video with EOS T1i
  71. Extreme Home Makeover, Kemah, TX
  72. ***Gear List Thread***
  73. a few new pics
  74. F*** your SLR- version Moto Droid
  75. I got lost at planet zero saturday
  76. my new 420a
  77. I hav'nt done any art in a while...
  78. Pic's from Goatfest and Fredericksburg
  79. Quick shoot of my video cameras
  80. Screen grab from the new video camera
  81. Stopped by F.I.S.T. yesterday...
  82. Went to a bar last night...
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  84. Digital Art
  85. Trip to Dallas for the State Fair
  86. DSM police cars :p
  87. The little car meet
  88. Bought the wife a Camera for Mother's day/B-day