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10-08-2006, 11:10 AM
i just bought a 90 laser gs 2.0nt 5 speed. car is in great shape, very minor dings, but has paint fade. It drives but it has major running issues.... i just bought it to get the interior out of it. I am swapping the grey out and putting the tan out of my talon into it. I don't have all of the tan but have about 90% of it. It has the honey com wheels on it, I will be pulling those off too and putting my stock talon wheels on it. I know the car coulb be parted and you could make over $1000 for parts easy. Like I said I just want the interior out of it. If anyone would be interested, I would take $600 for it with the tan interior in it, or if some one may want it empty on the inside I'd take $400 for it. Keep in mind, it would be a drivable shell, and who knows the running issues may be something minor, but I really don't care to fix it. Anyone interested? I can post pics monday when I go pick it up.