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02-25-2007, 01:48 PM
1996 240sx Se
clean texas title in my name
good stickers til mid/late 07

WTT for a good, running car with good stickers. No projects. Thats why I want to sell/trade this. I got it knowing it needed work. Ended up need ALOT more work than I though (timing chain job). The timing chain job is over $2200 when done at a shop. This motor is solid and leakproof. The only leak this car has is out of the transmission. The pan and bit out of the crush washers for the trans cooling lines because whoever installed the trans probably didn't use new crush washers and whoever changed the filter last didn't do a good job sealing the pan. Shifts smooth and fine. Needs a quart maybe every 2 weeks.

My roomate drives this car every day. I did drive it, but the fuel smell got on my nerves and I have to drive farther, so I switched to driving my truck every day and he drives this 240 daily.

The Good:
-Fresh low-mile auto trans and torque converter from Nissan Heaven. No recipt.
-Rebuilt head and new headgasket done by a previous owner. No records.
-Fresh timing chain job. All new sprockets, guides, seals, chains, etc. Recipts for all parts. All labor done professionally.
-All new gaskets from the v/c to the oilpan, save the rear main and intake/exh gaskets
-New water pump
-New thermostat
-New starter not installed
-Aftermarket metal radiator w/ new radiator cap
-Everything on the front of the motor was cleaned well and polished
-New exhaust manifold gaskets not yet installed
-Perfect compression
-Damn near stock. All emissions in place
-Factory NONABS car
-Q45 front calipers w/ drilled+slotted rotors
-New windshield and seal w/ papers and warranty
-Remanufactured Nissan alternator w/ warranty
-New fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs, tb gasket, fuel lines, vacuum lines
-New OEM O2 sensor (But still has cel for o2 sensor. I think its a dud.)
-Tein inner/outer tie rods. Adjustable tension rods. HARDRACE urethane rack bushings. Brand new OEM steering rack boots
-Upper strut bars and rear lower bar
-Freshly aligned
-New power rack return formed hose
-New distributor, cap, rotor, sp wires
-New spark plugs
-JDM headlights w/ Silverstar bulbs
-OEM Nissan sunroof wind deflector
-No cracks or chips in headlights, corner lights, or tail lights
-S13 low-mile 5spd trans not installed
-Centerforce clutch not installed
-OEM flywheel + flywheel bolts not installed + OEM Throwout bearing
-Stock se wheels with good tires
-OEM black pass side door panel not installed
-OEM burgundy red rear bumper not installed
-JDM black rear valences not installed
-Spare OEM front lip + hardware not installed
-Spare OEM burgundy red Se rear spoiler
-Bag of OEM Nissan hardware for front bumper, rubar, and grill w/ recipts from Nissan
-Brand new OEM sunroof seal from Nissan. Still in bag
-Flushed out sunroof drain. Sunroof does not leak and is fully functional
-Power antenna installed, but doesn't work because car didn't come with power antenna option. Just used to fill the antenna hole where the old broken one was.
-New BPT (Back-Pressure Transducer) and associated hoses
-Power windows and locks
-Includes spare driver's and passanger side window/lock switches
-JVC cd/mp3 player with aftermarket speakers
-Optima Red top battery
-Amp wiring kit w/ in-line fuse. No amp though. It got stolen
-Brand new blend door controller switch
-Working heater
-Working A/C, but will need a charge before spring. No BS. Not "yeah, it just needs a charge then you find out it needs a compressor and every o-ring leaks. Everything worked fine when the system was opened up during the timing chain job. Should pull vacuum fine.
-I have recipts for everything unless otherwise stated
-Includes OEM NISSAN FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL as well as a crappy Chilton's manual

The Bad:
-Tach cuts out ocassionally. Its the cluster. ($100 or less on ebay)
-I think the airbag rear sensor may need replacing ($35 on ebay)
-Brake switch on auto shifter not hooked up. Easy fix. I may get around to it before sale
-Not all the buttons on the a/c control unit light up
-Needs driver's side door hinges. Causes door to sag a bit and window to leak a bit. ($20 on ebay)
-Needs fiberglass sunroof trim that goes on the outside
-Pass side rear wheel has one stripped wheel stud
-Previous owner replaced trunk, but didn't re-key the lock
-Missing the pre-mas part of the stock intake I call the "snorkle". Goes into air box and bolts to upper core support.
-There is something wrong with the emissions. Charcoal canister? There is an intermittent fuel smell. Took it to Nissan because my roomate's shop didn't want to troubleshoot. Nissan scratched their heads and charged me $100. If you want it emissions legal, I would just start replacing emissions parts. The diagnostic procedure in the service manual is vague and there are 13 TSB's for the emissions system. No recalls. Since Nissan doesn't even know what to do, I guess you just have to start throwing parts at it. Or just delete the emissions.

The Ugly:
-Very small crack in a/c control surround
-Hail damage on roof
-Dings and dents on rear quarters. Nothing too bad.
-Small crease on driver's side front of hood. Missing hood emblem
-Slight amount of warping on rear bumper cover. Thats why I'm including the other one with the car.
-Needs PDR. Thing that would need paint is the passanger side door, but I'm including a whole new door panel, so no need for repaint.
-Front end has been hit before, but no frame damage. Front grill does not line up perfectly.
-Floormats have seen better days
-However, overall, the interior is in good shape. No rips or tears on front or back seats or healiner or door panels. No cracks on dash pad.
-Small cigarette burn in driver's seat

For fastest response, call 301 706 0908. Leave a message if I do not answer. I will return your call at my earliest convenience.

Willing to meet 1/2 way from DFW for a good trade or if a deposit is made beforehand. Please don't waste my time or yours

Will post pics and vin here after lunch.

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03-15-2007, 05:27 PM
trade my 97 gst new motor 16g turbo let me know 979-236-4627 and i got a 96 ford probe as well

03-16-2007, 02:00 PM
i have a s13 le with a new motor and some cash if your interesed. I would like to a pic of were it was hit though.

03-16-2007, 06:22 PM
hatch or coupe?

03-18-2007, 12:01 AM
hatch or coupe?

hatch i can send you some pics

03-18-2007, 12:35 PM
i know Tad 07 he's my good friend and I have driven in the car many times. It runs very smooth no problems mechanically. Nice little car

03-18-2007, 05:18 PM
Sorry, not interested in a trade for a hatch.

03-20-2007, 10:49 AM
$3500 Obo. Need Gone!

03-30-2007, 05:33 PM

WTT for starter bike + cash!!

04-25-2007, 05:24 PM
want a 93 mr2

04-26-2007, 03:28 PM
long since sold.