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What is the iTrader rating sytem and how does it work?

The iTrader rating system's pupose is to allow members to build a reputation as a seller and to make them aware of the reputations of others. By doing this members can give them selves credibility when buying and selling while also allowing them to see if other potential buyers or sellers have good reputation. This helps protect the members.

To view your own iTrader rating you have one of two options. First you can click the iTrader link in the menu bar at the top of each page. Secondly you can click your own iTrader rating in the user information next to one of your own posts.

To view another members trader rating you can again click the iTrader rating in the user infomation next to each of their posts. Alternatively you can view their profile and then click the rating there.

The only way to leave feedback is if you have been involved in a transaction that took place from a For Sale thread on this board. To leave feedback you need to do the following:

1. find the link where you successfully bought or sold and item and copy the URL of that thread in the address bar.

2. Go to a member's iTrader rating page and click "Submit Feeback For [members name]"

3. In the Submit Feedback page choose whether you were the Buyer or Seller

4. Select your overall experience. THIS IS YOUR RATING OF THE TRANSACTION and it will affect the other members score.

5. Leave a short comment that will be the title for their rating.

6. Paste the URL that you copied in step 1.

7. You can leave an additional comment to the buyer/seller but only you, the other member, and the staff will be able to read the additional comments.


Once you have successfully left feedback for the other member you can PM them to request that they do the same for you if they have not already. The iTrader system is monitored and members can report other members to the admin if they feel that the other members are abusing the iTrader system.

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