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Thread: ECMLink V3

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    ECMLink V3

    At one time, I liked learning as much as I could about everything I was doing; regardless of how long it took me or the frustration it caused. I purchased 2 black boxes, a tatrix 2.0 cable, an obd2 port extender, c*dd*mods (I dislike him), evoscan and a few misc. connectors ... which totaled about $500 (give or take) and doesn't include the countless hours troubleshooting everything. Black boxes are okay if you are stuck in the desert and it's all you have to get home. Logging is extremely slow with intermittent "time-outs". I ran into disconnects and a lack of information about the software. There were many inconsistencies and unexplainables. Needless to say, I do not have any ambition to continue using a sub-par tuning solution. You can say you told me so but, I was poor and didn't like to listen. Just to let everyone know, I ignored the voice of experience (Mike). DO IT RIGHT OR DO IT TWICE! Or rather, pay for it twice, to prove the point ....

    How much does ECMLink cost, including the price of an eprom ecu (or even a non-eprom ecu and the cost of labor to modify the board)?

    Do you recommend converting to speed density at this time? Why/why not? What else is needed to convert to speed density? What brands do you recommend? What is the cost of the extra sensors?

    Is there anything else that should be modified or upgraded at this time?

    If I give you a small stack of Federal Reserve Notes (not redeemable on demand), how long would it take to receive the ecmlink package, sensors etc.?
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    You can find V3 full with ecu for 550-600 on the forums.

    I switched to SD but if you're new to tuning and still not comfortable with tuning using a stock mas or gm mas then I might hold off. SD can be frustrating to setup and get running well. But it is awesome when setup and running well. I would just use the SD package that ecmlink sells for $95. Makes it easy and simple so you don't have to track down all the different sensors and connectors.
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