First off, does not in any way, shape, or form condone illegal street racing! We do condone free speech, and because of that, we know that there will be call outs and race results. In order to keep things safe, the following rules have been made.

As more and more members here start getting their cars together the action on the streets gets more and more intense. In order to protect the interests of the members it's time that we implement some ground rules for the Racers Lounge to keep things civil and organized, and the members protected.
  1. Smack talk in the Racers Lounge is accepted and encouraged within reason. Please keep your comments civil.
  2. No personal attacks, violent threats, excessive derogatory arguments, and/or drama.
  3. If you start to get into a problematic debate with another member that cannot be diffused please take it to PM's. You will be warned if necessary. If you do not comply with the warning you will be given the appropriate infraction.
  4. DO NOT POST THE LOCATION(S) OF ANY RACE SPOT OR STREET/HWY RACE LOCATION. If you do not comply with this rule you will be issued a warning. If you violate this rule a second time you will be issued an automatic 3 day infraction that will not allow you to post but you may still read. If you violate this rule a third time you will be issued a 3 day ban. If you violate the rule a 4th time the board moderators and admin will discuss a fitting punishment.
  5. If you post pictures of any car that belongs to a member of this forum you WILL make their license plates unreadable by any means (blur, mosaic, erasing, blotching). If you fail to comply with this rule your pictures will be deleted and you will be given an infraction. If you make the attempt but the plate is still readable your pictures will be deleted and you will be asked to adjust them.
  6. Rules and regulations in this section are subject to change with or without notice at any time.
All infractions and/or bans can be appealed in the Resolution Center which will be available to members with either status.

Although these rules might seem a bit harsh it's all common sense really. All of the members here will be protected so they can enjoy themselves in the Racers Lounge and these rules are enforced to ensure that.